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Online-Coloring Service
Install Robotint to your webstore, start receiving the orders for coloring
and sell more paint.
Develop your online paint sales with RoboTint.
overview (1 minute)
How does RoboTint work?
Find the right color
The customer comes to your webstore and picks up a desired color using a user-friendly interface of RoboTint on any device.
Pricing calculation
RoboTint instantly calculates the price for the coloring service. All the color formulas are already built into our product. The price of the service is added to the price of the order.
Instant payment
With RoboTint the merchant can start getting paid instantly, not like the traditional paint sales and coloring industry
Try RoboTint in action
Click the button and the first ever online-coloring system will appear right on your screen
major coloring systems are supported by RoboTint
1 538 mln
colors available
color collections intgrated
RoboTint supports palettes by
9 reasons to install RoboTint on your webstore now
Conversion increase
Online-coloring is a useful service for which your customers would be grateful.
Less abandoned carts
Once the customer picks up the color on your website, he/she is not leaving it without an order.
Increases the order value
The higher the order value — the higher revenue the merchant gets. Providing the coloring service is profitable.
Decreases staff engagement
Saves up to 30 minutes of your salesmen's time on each purchase processed

Color visualization
The customer is able to see a preview of the selected color inside his interior. It is online and no staff assistance is needed.
Supreme color searching
A very fast color search visually or by color code. Favorite colors can be easily saved for future use.
Increases clients' loyalty
When you care of the customer, they treat you equally. Start being a comfortable store and your customers won't leave you for your competitors.
Improves search engine positions
Helps your search engine strategy by giving the customers a better service. The more time they spend on your site, the higher your rank goes.
Instant installation
This groundbreaking online-coloring technology takes no significant expenses at the start.
How to start using RoboTint?
Pick a suitable pricing plan
You may start with the basic plan and upgrade on the go
Install RoboTint on your webstore
The installation process takes no more than 10 minutes. We take care of it
Start providing
You instantly surpass your competitors and improve your revenue and margin
RoboTint is used by
MirKrasok stores chain
The largest DIY chain stores in Russia has used RoboTint on their webstore since 2015
'The Paint Is Here' store
Small and medium stores benefit from the use of RoboTint
DecoStroy wholesale company
Wholesale companies also use RoboTint in their business. Wholesale customers are happy and the revenue grows
How much does RoboTint cost?
$19 / month
  • Color palettes: Dulux, Marshall,
    Ral, RR, Tikkurila
  • Visual coloring module
  • Installation fee:
  • Monthly fee:
    $19 / month,
    up to 100 API requests
  • Price if billed annually (-30%):
    $159 ($13 / month)
Start now!
$49 / month
  • Everything contained within Palette

  • + Order management system integration
  • Installation fee:
  • Monthly fee:
    $39 / month,
    up to 200 API requests
  • Price if billed annually (-30%):
    $324 ($27 / month)
Start now!
$149 / month
  • Everything contained within Light pricing term plus
  • + Coloring price estimation!
  • Installation fee:
  • Monthly fee:
    $149 / month,
    up to 500 API requests
  • Price if billed annually (-30%):
    $1 249 ($104 / month)
Start now!
Request the installation
and your paint webstore will increase in revenue tomorrow
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